Mission Opportunity Grant Application

Financial Support Policy

Our desire to support churches efforts to be “on mission” locally, domestically, and globally, the SMBA will provide support to churches in the following manner:

  • SMBA will offer grants to cover costs related to supplies specific to the mission trip (building materials, food to be distributed, VBS, supplies, etc.).
  • SMBA will not issue grant monies to cover the cost of an individual’s mission trip expenses (air fair, lodging, food, etc.).
  • Churches wishing to obtain a materials grant for a mission trip must submit an application that specifies the date and location of the mission trip, what materials are needed for mission trip and estimated total amount of material costs.
  • Churches may receive no more than 1 materials grants per year.
  • Total amount of materials grant monies is not to exceed $2000 (per support team review and approval).
  • Application reviews, approvals/denials, and amount granted will be conducted by the Missions Team with a 2/3 approval and notification will be sent to the applying church by member of Missions Team or AMS.
  • A copy of receipts of materials purchased must be submitted either prior to the trip or within a couple weeks after returning.
  • A report must be submitted of your ministry mission with pictures/videos so that we can use to celebrate with our churches that partnership in Kingdom work.

Mission Financial Opportunity Grant Application

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