Mission Opportunity Grant Application

Financial Support Policy

Here’s how the SMBA will support churches’ efforts to be “on mission” locally, domestically and globally:

  • SMBA will offer grants to cover costs related to supplies specific to the mission trip (building materials, food to be distributed, VBS supplies, etc.).
  • SMBA will not issue grant funds to cover the cost of participation in a mission trip (airfare, lodging, food, etc.).
  • Churches wishing to obtain a grant must submit an application specifying destination and travel dates, what supplies are needed and an estimated total of material costs.
  • Churches may receive only 1 material grant per year.
  • The total grant funding will not exceed $2,000.
  • The Missions Team will review and approve or deny applications and determine grant totals with a two-thirds majority vote. Applying churches will be notified by a Missions Team member or the AMS.
  • A copy of receipts of materials purchased for the trip must be submitted prior to departure or within two weeks of returning.
  • Grant recipients must submit a report detailing their mission efforts with pictures and/or videos that can be shared with association churches to celebrate their partnership in Kingdom work.

Mission Financial Opportunity Grant Application

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