What We Do As The Stanly-Montgomery Baptist Association

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Our teams of trained and passionate pastors

and ministry leaders will assist you with these initiatives and more.


We’ll help you understand and apply principles and processes that promote congregational and missional health.

Leadership Development

We’ll show you how best to connect and equip church leaders.


We’ll equip you to both demonstrate and declare the Gospel in your neighborhood and across the world. 


We’ll support you with training to develop and expand your local prayer ministry.


We monitor the financial status of the association and take the lead in developing budgets to support teams and projects.

Support Team

Composed of the associational officers, staff and a member of each associational team, our role is to support each initiative as we promote the overall mission of the association.

Student Ministry

We’ll empower your student ministry with training, shared resources and support networks so that you can reach, teach and care for middle school, high school and college students.