Join us in May 2022 for our next event!

THINK OF THE IMPACT 80+ CHURCHES CAN HAVE FOR CHRIST IF THEY ALL WORKED TOGETHER. One Great Day will connect our churches with local agencies for community missions and ministry.

  • It is community-focused.
  • It is targeted in Stanly & Montgomery counties.
  • It is hands-on serving.
  • It offers something for everyone - all skill levels and ages welcome.
  • It facilitates church unity - multiple churches working together.
  • It gets your people outside of the church to be the church.

One Great Day will connect churches in our Association to work together to show the love of Jesus in our community. Numerous service projects will be scheduled around our counties on May 1st for church groups to sign up and serve. These projects will be for all ages and skill level and challenge your congregation to go beyond the walls.


One Great Day is designed to help cultivate a culture of missions in your church. It will...

  • Mobilize large numbers of people (80+ churches)
  • Energize your congregation
  • Build fellowship between churches/individuals
  • Broaden your congregation’s understanding of missions
  • Enhance involvement in other mission causes
  • Authenticate a Christian witness
  • Give all-ages a prominence in ministry

One Great Day is designed to help your community see the church in a different light. It will...

  • Help community agencies
  • Enhance the church’s image in the community
  • Show unity among churches
  • Heal broken neighborhoods/communities
  • Give opportunities to share the Gospel